Thursday, February 17, 2011

Workshop - Behind the scenes

A few weeks ago, I held my first portrait photography workshop of the year. It was a great group, and a great day weather wise, which was a blessing as it was the only day that was sunny in a long spell of howling winds and driving rains.  We started off the day with part one of the theory - this time I broke it into 2 parts so I did an hour or so presentation before we went out for our first practice shoot. I was quite flattered to have two other photographers in the group who really added to the experience for those who were newer to the art. It was the first time I held a workshop at my new house and it was a great success. We stayed on the property the entire time which saved on travel time which was wonderful as it meant more time shooting.

There were lots of goodies to nibble on and a selection of teas during the classroom part of the day.

We had two outfits and locations planned for our first model, but we were all having so much fun and getting so creative with her gypsy look, that we didn't end up having time for the second outfit - will have to save that look for the next workshop.

She was a dream to photograph - that perfect age between childhood and womanhood - she looked at each attendee so that they each could get the shots they were after and she followed instructions to the tee - just a great first subject.

The light that morning in my back garden was to die for - just so glowy that we couldn't go wrong. Lana, my amazing assistant, was on hand all day to do whatever needed to be done, be it rescuing the wardrobe, uploading cards, or selecting some faves for us to work on while we shot longer - she was a life saver.

Tin Tin, who is my right arm in this family, set the table beautifully so after shooting and the second part of the theory, we came out to find a fabulous lunch laid out in the grotto.

And even a basket of pashminas in case any of us were a tad chilly eating outside in mid January - how I love the climate in Bermuda.

The second shoot of the day started off indoors to help the attendees work on their low lighting skills. Our subject this time was a seven year old boy whose eyes were just so soulful and he was so versatile in all the outfits and looks we were able to squeeze in with him.

We later shot him in the garden in a dress up outfit, and then playing his violin which he did beautifully, and the shots with his beloved pup were just heavenly.

The last shoot of the day was a practice press shoot for some rising stars in the music world. I set up some fun spots in the front garden where it is perfect for late afternoon sun. The sun was in and out a bit but it was good practice to make the attendees really pay attention to their settings and change them when the light changed - such good experience.

Thank you all for such a great day - it was fun working with each of you and has been great to see the work you have produced - can't wait to see what else you come up with as you keep practicing. Thanks for sharing such a great day and letting me babble about what I love to do. xxx

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