Monday, May 16, 2011

Caroline & Sarah

You may remember Caroline and Sarah from previous shoots like this one for Caroline's birthday last year, or this one of the girls with their beautiful mama. As you may know, the last year has been the toughest of their lives, but hopefully, one of the brighter moments was becoming neighbours with us! And as such, my kids play with (and hero worship) these two in a big way. And there are plenty of reasons for them to do so, and in fact, I kind of hero worship them a bit too myself. They are full of light and wisdom and bubbling-over goodness way beyond their tender years. And I just love having them in our lives and spending so much time with them. 

This hammock shot is my fave from the day - I say this because nobody was hurt, but turned out someone hadn't clipped it back on the palm tree properly so the sisters got quite the shock as they fell to the ground - I just adore their expressions!

We did this shoot shortly after they moved in next door. The girls were in need of a pick me up and their ever amazing mama decided this was the perfect antidote for the blues. We had a blast dressing up and picking what they would wear - mostly my stuff but raided their closets too - oodles of fun. We scanned the back of my camera and were so excited by what we had captured that afternoon. But then something rather upsetting happened. The images were lost and I only just found them again and surprised them on Mothers' Day. They were thrilled and it made the results all the better as they thought all our work was lost.

Caroline & Sarah - you are both just the most gorgeous girls. You are fun to photography but more importantly, you are fabulous to be friends with. Thanks so much for always being there for Oslo and Indigo and inviting us over and coming to see us. We love you bunches and bunches and are so so so happy you live next door and are such a big part of our lives. xxxx

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