Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kronenberg / Lynch family

You may remember Sharon and Alex from their beautiful wedding at Tucker's Point, but they wanted to take the opportunity to get some photos with sweet baby Ryan's Nan and Pops while they were in Bermuda visiting for the holidays. Ryan is very close to his grandparents and they spend a lot of time with him, always teaching him new tricks!

Ryan was given this delicious red sports car for his first birthday from his daddy, and he would drive to Ireland in it if he could. I love it when people bring personal props and fun items that make the shoot special to them and also help make the imagery more fun. Sharon is not sure who gets a bigger kick out of the car - Ryan or Alex, but either way, it is well loved and was the best gift ever.

This fedora hat is just perfect on Ryan. Alex has a similar one and little Ryan always sees his daddy in it and wants to wear it so how he has his very own and it just adds to his funny personality.

These aviator shades were from Ryan's Uncle Brian and when he wears them, he looks almost as cool as his uncle. I am quite smitten with what the wind did to Ryan's hair in the photo below - looks like he styled it like that - hilarious.

Ryan has a particularly close relationship with his Pops. Ryan is always looking for him and dragging his grandfather to his knees to play with a new truck or game.

The family chose the beach as a it is in stark contrast to the Lynch's home in Ireland where it is miles and files of green fields.

Thank you Sharon and Alex for another wonderful shoot - you have a loving and beautiful family and I am so happy that I could capture your times all together. xxx

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