Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigley Family

I was supposed to shoot Mollie and Dave's wedding and life happened and sadly, I was unable to document the event, so I was thrilled when they contacted me about capturing some family portraits. Not only did I get to meet adorable Madeline who is just all eyelashes and smiles, but they also brought their darling dog, Penny along for the shoot to ensure the whole family was there.

See what I mean about the eyelashes? And that two toothed smile just makes me all melty inside.

Dave brought Mollie back these pearls from Shanghai last year. He was there as part of his Duke MBA programme which he finishes at the end of this year.

I love that they were giving Penny loads of treats to ensure she sat still for the photos.

They say never work with kids or animals but I think if you bring Dave along, he will be able to train any pet to sit well - can you get over the posture of this dog - she looks like she is royalty!

All you need is one shot, and we got a bunch before Penny was off, though adore the ones where she is in the background too.

Originally the family had hoped to shoot at Grape Bay as they used to go there almost every day with Penny before Maddie was born. But when we arrived, all the greenery was still missing from when Hurricane Igor tore it all away with the storm surge and it just wouldn't have been as pretty so we went to Stone Hole Bay instead which is always a favourite of mine.

Thank you Bigley family for a fun shoot - it was a gorgeous day and you are all beautiful. So glad we were able to capture some special memories of you all together. xxx

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