Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Just had the best day today. One of those days that made me feel like if one of the kids ever grow up to become a singer/songwriter, they will write a song with similar sentiment to that Taylor Swift one - I had the best day, with you, today. It really was amazing. We went over to my best friend's house. Peta and I have known each other since we were babies when our parents used to hang out. But then we became besties in our own right when we were thirteen. And our lives have been intertwined ever since. I cannot say how blessed I feel that we have been on such similar journeys of happiness that we have been able to share together. We were married to the loves of our lives within a month of each other, and our children were all born close together. And now their natures fit as intimately and naturally as Peta's and mine did so many years ago - it is just heaven to witness this cycle of life. Everyone clicks so beautifully. It is all so easy, and just being with all of them makes all of us so happy. We went over this morning and next thing we knew, it was dark and we had had three meals! Peta and William had to get Skyla and Cooper to bed so we finally left, but it really was just the perfect day and I am so so very happy - great memoires were made today and for once, I actually had my camera to document some real life fun of our own.

When we arrived, the house was full of cooking smells and there were Easter flowers everywhere. They had these glorious Easter lilies and snap dragons, and we brought the sunflowers and daisies - everything is in bloom at the moment.

 Peta's family are big into cooking and they all always contribute to make these gatherings fabulous so we are always so flattered and thrilled to be included. Traditional Good Friday meal is fish cakes on hot cross buns. Megan made the fish cakes - to die for with her own personal flair, and Paula, Peta's twin sister, made the hot cross buns.

They even made the kids and me our own special gluten free ones, and I had ordered gluten free hot cross buns from Judith Wadson - yum!

Hello view - how could we not have had the perfect day?

The main thing Bermudians do on Good Friday is fly kites. It is a really big thing. Usually, we go to Horseshoe Bay to see all the kites and see all the people, but this year, we gave it a miss. William and the others already had about four or five kites flying when we arrived so it was our own personal event.

Way back in February, I made a Bermuda kite with the kids during their half term break as a fun project on a windy day. It took us ages as my idea was a bit more ambitious than the time we had over that holiday. But it was so worth it. We grated crayons and melted them and the result is a sort of stained glass kite. I was so pleased with my idea and our hard work that I was desperate to enter it in all sorts of Bermuda kite competitions, since they are usually decorated with tissue paper and I was convinced ours was the most original and beautiful on in the history of kite making. But of course I was crazy busy (also can be interpreted as slightly disorganised) and missed all deadlines (actually - never even found out about any competitions) so it hung in our spare loo for months.

But today we took our beloved kite and showed it off to everyone. I kept holding it up so the sun shone through it to be sure nobody missed all its gloriousness! I was a bit of an annoyingly proud mama bear.

Then we walked up the hill to be sure we had enough wind as it is so much heavier than a normal kite, especially with all that wax weighing it down!

Peta and William launched Skyla's kite first. Hers was a rainbow kite so she used every colour of tissue they could find. She has a very clever mummy and daddy so she entered her kite in the Annual Exhibition (it will always be the Ag Show to me...). It flew beautifully and was a real hummer - such fun!

Peta was the launcher and William was the string puller upper - very key roles in the flying of the kites - we were all waiting for that perfect puff to come and help Oslo, Indigo and my baby soar for the first time!

Peta's twin sister, Paula, has twins herself - deliciously well fed purely from their mama's milk - I spent half the afternoon snacking on their squidgey rolls - have you ever seen such healthy babies - yum!

After a swim, the kids all warmed up in the bath! The twins scored the sink, one at a time, but I think the four older kids are the ones who really scored.

So Peta and family - thank you all so much for such a wonderful day. We all had so much fun and will cherish these memories forever. Kisses to our besties xxx


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