Monday, April 18, 2011

Farrell Family

The Farrells have now left Bermuda, but they spent five wonderful years living on the3 island and it was a very hard decision to move. They arrived on the island just before their first wedding anniversary, and on the day of our shoot, it was their sixth anniversary. They had their beautiful son, James in Bermuda and have so many happy memories of their first years as a family.

Most boys love to rough hose with their daddies and James and Gavin have their little routine. Ever since James was tiny, he loved to jump on Gavin and Orla is no substitute so as soon as Gavin comes home from work, James flies into his Daddy's arms to wrestle.

Gavin is the more playful parent so Orla does more activities with James, from cooking to painting - all the good messy stuff.

In James' words, he and his mummy are "buddies". He very rarely calls her Mum - it is usually Buddy which Orla finds just too cute. He is still at the age where mis mother is his best friend - the one who fixes everything from a bump on the head to a fallen off wheel on his toy car. Orla knows that will change soon so she spends a lot of time cuddling and kissing her sweet little boy - moments you can't really describe in words.

Like everyone who lives here, the beach was a major part of life for the Farrells. They spent most weekends chilling out on this beach, both before and after having James in their lives.

James is a classic Bermuda baby and spent the whole shoot trying to get into the sea so there was plenty of chasing after him.

This other very important member of the family is Ming Ming. He escorts James everywhere so it was only right that be be included in the family photos.

There is a real relationship going on here - melting inside I am.

Every day this family counts their blessings for all the love and laughter they share the the precious moments James brings to them. I love that I am lucky enough to document this kind of love so thank you all for sharing with me a tiny slice of your lives and hope the new life you are carving for yourselves is equally full of beauty and blessings. xxx

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  1. Amazing work as always, i love the emotion & narrative your pictures have. Its shows character within a picture. :)


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