Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family Friends - Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

This was the third trip to Bermuda for these lucky kiddos in one form or another, but the first time they were all together. The friends had a beach session in 2011, but sweet Baby Kate was not on the island to join in the fun. This year, things were complete with the seven children ranging in ages from two to twelve. One would never have guessed it had been months, or even a year since they had all been together for they were all so happy to be together again and slipped straight into sweet easy friendships. Their Bermuda adventures were filled with fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing and lots of other beach adventures. The holiday ended with an amazing variety show finale put on by the kids with lots of singing and dancing, which built into such a frenzy that their parents had to shut the show down for the sake of the neighbours!

RJ and Zoe were so sweet together and I was quite smitten with the colour combo they had for the beach - heaven.

Sophie, Max, Savannah and Leo were so sweet all together and again in such fab outfits for the beach.

Half way through the shoot, as the children were standing in the shallows of Jobson's Cove at Warwick Long Bay, a sudden feeding frenzy pushed a massive school of fry into the beach around the kids' feet. It was completely insane with the rush of slithering fish which flipped and fled away from the snapping chubbs. There was such an energy about the experience and like nothing I had experienced so closely before. I used to live on the sea and this happened most evenings around sunset, but that was off the dock and never around my feet. The feeling of those slippery little silver fish in such mass quantities is difficult to describe. A magical experience of which we were all lucky to be a part.

The poor fish, in such a desperate attempt to flee from the larger feeding fish, ended up on the beach and out of the water. We tried to rescue as many as we could.

Hello pretty pink Bermuda sand!

And then the fish were back...

Poor little Kate was definitely a little nervous from the whole experience as her mother had to dash onto the rocks to escape the frightened fish.

Thank you all for such a lovely shoot - the day was gorgeous and all you children are darlings!! Hope you can all find a time you can meet up again in Bermuda. xxx

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  1. Sacha

    You are an amazing photographer! These pics are fabulous and it's clear the children really love working with you. Thank you again for such wonderful photos of the children.


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