Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farewell Tin Tin

This sweet angel is Tin Tin. Her real name is Christine, but when she first came to us, when Indigo was only six months old and Oslo just 2, I asked her if there was a special name the children could call her. I wanted her to have a special close-person nickname too, in the way I was Mummy instead of Sacha. And so she was Tin Tin to the children, and over the last seven years, has really become a part of our family. It was so exciting when we found out the exciting news that she was going to have a baby and so going home to be a mama bear herself. But of course Indigo has been lamenting these last six months how she will be losing her "second mummy". It is heart breaking that someone who has been so much a part of the children's lives is now leaving them, but it is for such a sweet reason, for she and her lovely hubby, Arturo, had been praying for this baby since they were first married over four and a half years ago.

These two pics are from when Tin Tin had been with us for six months so the kids were already fully in love with her!

Indigo in particular is going to feel the loss of Tin Tin terribly. She was only six months old when Tin Tin joined our family and Indigo has no memory of anyone else looking after her. Tin Tin is gentle and soft spoken and so so loving and Indigo is all about the love. The sweet little sweater Indigo is wearing was a gift from Tin Tin - a hand-me-down bolero that Tin Tin used to wear so makes it all the more special for Indigo that it once belonged to Tin Tin.

Oslo is a little less open about how hard it is for her to be leaving, but he is a sensitive soul underneath his refusal to accept kisses and Tin Tin is really the only one other than us with whom he feels truly comfortable. He respects Tin Tin and trusts her implicitly and he too will feel a big hole when she is gone.

Dearest Tin Tin - you have been such a blessing in our lives these past seven years. You have made it all so much easier knowing we had someone who loved the children, whom we trusted implicitly, and who was always a happy and positive energy in the home. Thank you for all you have done for us, shared with us and been to us. You are a star and your light will shine brightly in our lives long after you have left us. Sending much love and happiness and you embark upon being a mama bear yourself - you will be amazing for you have had so much practice and are already such a patient, loving and strong parent - your baby boy is lucky to have you. xxx

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