Friday, October 18, 2013

Baby Thayer - Bermuda newborn photography

Delicious little Thayer already knows exactly who she is and what she wants and doesn't want, even at the tender age of eleven days old! I had photographed her sweet big sister at the same age so her mama bear was hoping to get similar images of the two sisters so she could frame them together side by side. And Baby T, as they have nick named her since big sister Somers cannot say Thayer, slept like a rock start for the whole shoot, as long as we weren't trying to put her in a bowl on the floor the way we had done with her sister. At last, Mama Amanda accepted that Thayer is her own person and wanted her own original photos and didn't want to do what he sister had done! That said, I am pretty smitten with the results and although there might not be matching baby in a bowl pics, these images are rather delectable all the same!

Bis sister Somers was named after an admiral, and since papa bear Kenyon spent many years in the navy, he was keen for another admiral's name for baby number two. He also wanted six letters since he, Amanda and Somers all have names with six letters, and he wanted a last name that would be turned into a first name, not to mention a male name used as a female name. So there was a lot of criteria, but Kenyon finally came up with Thayer, after a US navy admiral who is very famous for his sea power.

I brought a big bag of pearls which Amanda was thrilled with since her mother's name is Pearl so she thought it would be rather fitting, and I just thought sweet sleeping Thayer looked like a little angel (albeit a glam one) in all those beautiful pearls.

Thayer is known as Baby T since three year old Somers has a hard time pronouncing Thayer. And not only do both girls share navy admirals names, but they also share a birthday. Amanda says it was like having twins three years apart. Both girls had the same birth weight and height and while Somers was born at 6:24pm, Thayer was born at 6:24am. Both were speedy births with no pain meds and Kenyon was flying in on the day they were born. Not to mention Thayer looks just like Somers did at the same age. So it is no wonder Thayer refused to go into that wooden bowl - she obviously felt there were already enough similarities that she needed to draw the line somewhere and that line would be photos!

While Amanda tried to get little Thayer back to sleep for a last attempt at the bowl shot, I spent a little time with darling Somers who was full of beans and was very sure of what she wanted and didn't want too! She was quite sure she didn't want a single photo with me but when she realised how much fun I am, she changed her tune and by the end, I had her dancing!!

Thank you Amanda for inviting me to capture another special milestone in your life - from wedding photos, to newborn sessions to family days, I love watching how your life is unfolding and seeing your gorgeous family grow. Congratulations on another glorious healthy baby girl! xxx

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