Saturday, October 19, 2013

Indigo's Rag Curls

Anyone who knows Indigo knows she is usually either well grooms with an ever so slight wave in her hair, but more often than not, she looks like she has been dragged through a bramble bush backwards. I had crazy silky straight hair growing up that looked recently brushed even when I woke up in the mornings. As such, I spent my whole life pining for curls. Sadly, I passed that longing on to Indigo, and although her hair isn't as poker straight as mine was thanks to her dad's buffon genes, it certainly is nowhere near ringlets. That was until she slept in rag curls and after our first try, the results were pretty fabulous!

We cut up an old worn out pair of Ben's linen trousers and just before bed, rolled her fine hair around the strips and tied them in knots. She said there wasn't a side of her head that was comfortable to sleep on but when I suggested we take then out, she wasn't having any of it - how frightening how young they start sacrificing comfort for fashion. I am glad to say that my era of those priorities has long past - it is birkenstocks and yoga pants all the way for me these days!

Indigo found the idea that she could pull on one of the little cork screws of hair and it would bounce back up a totally fascinating concept. And she couldn't get over how short her hair looked with all those delightful curls.

I wanted her to brush it into big waves but she was having none of it and wouldn't let me near her. I imagine she actually knows more about how to handle curls than I do, for I think if she had let me brush it, the hair probably would have frizzed and not looked so Shirley Temple cute!

We decided it looked better with a hairband in to hide where the knots had stopped curling the hair.

Instead of going with Ben to their weekly weekend Breakfast Club, Indigo insisted on staying home so her hair didn't get wet at the beach - can you imagine - not something I want to encourage! But since she was in that head space, I decided we couldn't have gone through all that trouble without taking some photos. She stuffed her seven year old self into her favourite made-for-four-year-olds Indigo dress which I fear may not fit much longer for getting her head through the neck hole was a little traumatising to say the least, not to mention it yanked out a few of her curls.


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