Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby Harrison

Beloved Baby Harrison came into the world in a very relaxed way on a Sunday morning after his mama bear had been in labour all night and slept through it! When she arrived at the hospital for a routine non stress test to check the baby's movements, the surprised nurse exclaimed that CC was already 8cm dilated! Harrison is baby brother to sweet Rosabel, who I also met when she was just days old. She isn't quite sure what to make of him yet, but she blows him lots of kisses. I actually did a sweet maternity session where Rosabel was actually the star so CC and Arthur decided to give Harrison his own shoot once he was born. As a younger sibling who myself struggles to find the time to do for my second child what I did for my first, I am very impressed!

I had asked for the same sheep skin that little Rosabel had been photographed in when she was a newborn, but Arthur brought a slightly different one which I actually like as it makes the images a little different. Plus, this one is a little less pristine so you can tell he is going to be the rugged boy. Not sure if any of you have ever seen a show called Game of Thrones, but if you have, this photos reminds me of John Snow on the Wall in his cosy skins!!

I had forgotten that I had also photographed Rosabel's sweet whorl on top of her head so now they have a pair - so delish!

For years, whenever I see a baby with the darling peach fuzz on his or her shoulders, I would swoon at the cuteness, imagining a baby wolf. But what I didn't know was that the word I was using for a baby wolf had nothing to do with wolves at all - I was saying what a little wolverine the baby was. Not that I have googled images for wolverines, I am a little mortified at what all those past parents must have thought when I said it, so please, if any of you are reading this, forgive me - I simply didn't know what a wolverine was - how could such a cute word belong to such a creepy little creature??? ANyway, Harrison was very much not a wolverine, but very much a cute little fuzzy peach!!


It was quite sweet that for the last newborn session, Arthur's mum was visiting, and this time, CC's mum was able to be in the photos.

How fabulous is this massive photo of a Swiss ski village in their living room - such drama - love!

CC and Arthur - congratulations on sweet baby Harrison - he is truly a blessing and such a little bundle of deliciousness! Enjoy his tiny ways and can't wait to meet him again when he is bigger. xxxx

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