Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Quincy

Some people have gambling problems, drinking problems, shoe addictions or are shop-aholics. I have a cat problem. Show me a homeless kitty and I will give him a home! Now you may know we just moved house last week and so obviously not a good time to introduce a new kitty, but here iw what happened. I was in the pick up line the other day at my daughter's school and a teacher came up and as she helped Indigo into the car, she asked if we knew of anyone who wanted a cat. I said we could only have a kitten since when we tried to adopt adult cats, our other cats were too cross and the whole house became a pee fest! She showed me with her hands how wee this kitten was and so naturally I said grand! I hopped out of the car and went over to look. And this is who I saw - can you imagine my glee? He opened his mouth and made a silent meow and that was it. I went for the handles of the basket and tried to swipe him out of the other child's car! Suddenly, the family said that there might be someone else who wanted him already and that they would call me. I insisted I was born to be this baby's mother and they still refused. My hopes had soared and then were crushed. When I got home, I googled the parents and sent an email immediately, saying how ours would be the best kitty home in the universe. The entire weekend went by and no word so I sadly assumed he was not meant to be. But on Monday morning, I received a phone call saying the people who had wanted him couldn't get permission from their land lord because they didn't have any pets already. Can you imagine - poor them! And lucky us, for we have just moved into a home of our very own.

I love how he looks like he stuck a paw in a plug and all his fur is every which way.

The kids are utterly in love.

We knew Ben would have a heart attack if he found out we adopted a new cat right when we moved so we broke it to him gently. We brought him into bed the morning after we got him and there was no going back. He pretended to be mad but secretly, he is so excited and entirely smitten!

The kids decided we should have a naming ceremony so put loads of ideas on bits of paper and we picked out of a pot.

Quincy it is. I keep trying to go for something like Diesel or a king or emperor name as I know he will be a regal boy once he is older but the kids were keen to keep Quincy so what is a mama bear to do? Isn't this moment below so Lion King?

Oslo did some readings for the ceremony to give it a more formal feel.

Suffice to say that we are more in love with this new family member than we are with our new hom, though that is pretty spectacular too! We are in heaven with the chaos of boxes and hissing cats as they get used to their new home and new friend!

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