Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is William. He is sixteen, very studious, and also an incredible musician. He has been playing the guitar for ten years, has performed for various distinguished guitarists, and taken part in and assisted directed many of his school productions. William is pursuing a career in the arts and is hoping to study theatre and philosophy abroad after he graduates from high school. He needed some head shots for some of his applications and I was flattered to be asked to capture him.

Last weekend, William took part in the Bermuda Guitar Festival where he was able to showcase how all his hard work has paid off. This summer, he will help mentor the Bermuda Glee Arts Intensive as well as teach swimming. It really is amazing for when you speak to this young man, it is just incredible how together he is and gives such hope for Bermuda's future to know we have young people like this out there!

William believes that perseverance, pride and honesty are key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving one's set objectives. He is very young to have already come to the wise realisation that loving yourself and seeing only the good in people makes for a wonderful perspective on life. His idols are people like Georg Buchner, Oscar Wilde, Plato and Constantin Stanislavski.

William's end goal is to make an impact on theatre by introducing new experimental concepts and philosophical approaches to theatre and film. He encourages people to try everything possible. He says that variety is like flavour, and that passion stems from one concentration which has to be found after years of searching. All pretty intense and wise thoughts coming from such a young man.

William - I know I don't know you, but just from my brief meetings with you outside guitar lessons, when you have encouraged my little boy to practice more, and from hearing you speak of all you believe makes for a happy and successful life, you will go far. You have what it takes to be the best at whatever you set your heart upon and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours. I am so thrilled to meet someone like you and it lifts up my belief in Bermuda's future to know that amazing young people like you are blooming and thriving! Wishing you luck all that lies ahead! xxx

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