Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christina, Camille & Hugo the bump

Christina had originally hoped to do a full family shoot but the session was rained out. As more time passed, she decided to save the family session for after the baby was born, and for now, do a mummy - daughter mini session with herself, sweet Camille, who had just turned five, and of course, little Hugo while he was still cooking in his mama's belly. At the 20 week ultra sound, they found out they were having a boy and after school that day, Camille's parents had a present waiting for her. There was a box with layers of blue and pink tissue paper, and all wrapped up inside was a blue baby hat. At first, Camille was disappointed, having had her heart set on a sister, but as the bump grew, she became so loving to her brother growing in her mummy's tummy. She constantly was giving kisses and cuddles to the bump and tickling and talking to him.

Finding out the baby's gender helped with names for Hugo was always their only boy's name whereas if they had been having a girl, it would have been more tricky.

Camille has always been a girl who knows what she wants and when picking outfits for the shoot, Christina gave a few choices. Camille announced she would only wear a Christmas dress so they went with it and decided on a glam look, including painting their toenails to match the fabulous pink. Camille is definitely a girly girl and loves wearing dresses, the colour pink, and being like her mummy. With being pregnant throughout the summer, Christina's hair became shorter with each cut and Camille decided she wanted her hair just like her mama bear.

Camille was a little shy with me at first, but she warmed up. Apparently she had just received a camera for her birthday and all she really wanted to do was be behind the camera taking photos of her own!

In January, Christina completed her Labour Doula training. The monday after, tehy found out she was pregnant again. With Camille, they had a planned home birth with midwives while living in the UK. It was such a positive experience for the family that they planned a home birth for Hugo as well. It took almost the entire pregnancy to organise it all here in Bermuda, but the midwife permits were finally approved and they prepared Camille for the birth by watching videos and reading books.

Christina and Camille - you two were so sweet together and I love that this shoot is a capture of your special time together. I know the family is complete now with Hugo and congratulations to you all, but so happy you were able to take the time so save the moments of just you two (and Hugo's little spirit too!) before the family grew. Love to you all, xxxxx

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