Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pirates of Bermuda

This boat has been in my garden for almost a year and I have been dreaming of sessions I will do in it but not had the time for doing personal shoots with the kids. I had a shoot in the autumn with a group of children which was so fabulous and am working on that shoot right now so can't wait to share that session, but as Christmas presents, I printed up a few pics, including these three in a triptych which looked adorable. I had Loris at Colourlab print them on metallic paper which looked divine and framed them in a single frame with three windows.

We did this shoot in about 10 minutes as the light was fading fast. It was almost dark and I was shooting on a 2500 ISO at 1.8 so the images are seriously grainy but I actually think they added a romantic feel to the photos, though facial features were a little unclear. But the boat was set up and the outfits all out from the shoot I'd just finished so I couldn't pass up the chance to capture my little loves. Oslo tied Indigo up with a vine which added so much character to the image and I love that the ruffle sleeve I'd sewn on a shirt from when he was three was ripping off but still fit! So many memories tied up in this photo, from the bamboo mast that was once take from the Botanical Gardens after Hurricane Fabian the week we moved back. It was lovingly sanded and varnished my Ben and my mum and then made into a four poster bed that never quite stood straight. Ben now uses the poles for propping up his tomato plants but looks just as elegant as the mast for this pirate ship! Oslo bought with his own savings from working crazy hard the pirate hat which was misshapen before even making it back to the house. The sail was a curtain in the first house I lived in by myself as an adult and Indigo's crown was made by my mum out of yogurt pots, foil and beads for one of her birthdays. So much in just a couple photos - a thousand words isn't even close to what this photo says - they just make me happy happy happy.

Here is how the triptych looked:

 Oslo and Indigo - thank for always being up for my mad ideas - it was late, getting dark and way past dinner time. Thank you for dressing up and playing to make these memories - made me so very happy. xxxx

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