Thursday, January 31, 2013

Susan & Larry - Tucker's Point, Bermuda Wedding

Susan and Larry love Bermuda. It is was on a visit to the island that Larry created a treasure map and hid a wooden chest in the sand for Susan to find a ring inside. What a way to ask if she would spend the rest of her life with him - he is such a romantic. The couple came back to Bermuda to tie the knot and although they were getting married on a boat so I was not able to shoot their actual wedding (labyrinthitis!), they wanted some photos with me all the same. We planned a shoot the day before the ceremony and Susan bought a special dress from Goodwill for $35 that fit like a dream - I can't imagine how divine her real wedding dress was for I adored this one. After the session and wedding was over, they say they recommend spending time like this together to have some fun and get some beautiful images to anyone just as a way to start a new cleansed life together, not to mention taking the time needed to capture lots of romantic shots before hand so that on the wedding day, they could concentrate on entertaining their guests. In their case, at their "Day Before Session", but it can be afterwards as well, and the best bit they say is when they were able to indulge in a brief frolic in the ocean!

The couple decided to do the shoot at Tucker's Point, since they have recently invested in a property so they will be able to visit frequently and have a place of their own.

Larry and Susan actually met on Larry was Susan's 30th connection and she was done and about to give up knowing this would be her last attempt at meeting someone. And she was his first and last connection! Together, the couple have five children between them ranging in ages from 16 - 27. There is not always a second chance at love and they feel truly blessed to have found it.

The entire shoot had been overcast and it was already very late in the day to be shooting, when just as they entered the water for their final shots, the sun broke through the clouds and showered them in the most glorious golden light and popping the colours of the ocean backdrop.

These two were like a couple of kids with all the fun they had. They don't believe in getting old, although they say their bodies are starting to tell them differently!

I am so happy to hear these two now have a place here in Bermuda so they can come back often to relive the beauty of the island where their love kept climbing to the next stage of happiness. So happily, this glorious sunset at the end of the shoot was just one of many future ones they plan on spending  on this beach.

Larry and Susan - I was so sorry not to have been able to capture your special wedding day, but this time you two took to spend together before the event will all your friends and family who had traveled from all over the globe was so special and I know you will treasure these memories forever. It was amazing meeting you and see you one day on one of your future visits I hope! xxxx

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