Saturday, January 19, 2013

Princesses and Pirates

These seven children have been friends since they were all tiny so they are like family. But two families were leaving the island so they wanted to capture the children all together doing what they love most and that is enjoying time together. Their favourite memories are of Friday evening get togethers where the kids and adults hung out and catch up after their busy week, most often ending with the kids putting on a show for the grown ups! Being that they all love to dress up and often do so when they are together, having a photo shoot of all of them doing what they love most was the perfect way to capture the special memories before the group splintered to different areas of the world.

We started the shoot in the back garden where I keep the boat. It is wonderfully wild and over grown back there and the kids fully fell into the imaginative mode as they dreamed up a whole world of pirates and princesses.

Siblings Rory (6), Callie (3) and Cameron (9) are from Bermuda so happily are not going anywhere.

Amy (6) and Emily (9) are leaving Bermuda at Easter. I have photographed these two ever since they were very little and I will miss their family and their creative ideas for shoots.

I have also photographed Isabelle (6) and Jack (8) since they were small so was very thankful to be able to see how beautifully they had grown up one last time before they left the island.

The kids are all friends and mix up in different combinations but little Callie loves getting to spend time with the older girls and doing girlie things with them, especially since she has two older brothers.

When the kids tired of the boat, we moved to my front garden where I had set up the antique bath tub to also seem like a dreamy sailing vessel which they loved.

The three younger kids are very close. Rory is constantly flipping back and forth as to whether or not he will marry Izzy or Amy.

Jack and Cameron have lots of fun doing "boy" stuff together but always seem to find a way to include Emily as well.

Sweet little Callie is on her own in the age category but the older kids all really look out for her and she has a blast all the same!


Thank you to all of you and your very patient mummies! The shoot was chaos but the photos hopefully don't reflect that at all and I am so happy you were able to capture some special times all together before the sad day came to say good bye. Wishing you much luck and happiness in the new homes but Bermuda will always be here for you to come back and visit! xxx

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