Monday, December 24, 2012


My sister, Amanda, who is also a photographer and famous for her fine art flower imagery, got together with friend and wedding planner, Nikki of Bermuda Bride, to revamp the floral company, Petals, complete with fabulous new blog. The two have worked tirelessly in preparation for the new launch, just in time for the holidays. We did a quick session in my garden so the two had some portraits for the press. Nikki brought a lovely bouquet of tulips which were just opening in the heat and the flowers added such a sensational splash of colour.

Amanda created a glorious crown of mokara orchids for her hair, a la Frida Kahlo style and she was such fun to photograph with my dandy little iphone camera and Instagram, which I am newly obsessed with!

I had to go check out the newly designed studio just opposite Masters next to their parking area. They had so much to choose from and what better time of year to have festive flowers. So much to choose from at this time of year!

Hope you get a chance to find your way to Petals to brighten your holiday! xxx

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