Sunday, January 27, 2013

Andrew, Navi, Darshan & Sohan

This is the second time I met this gorgeous family - this time to meet sweet Sohan and capture him at the same age his brother was photographed. Darshan was only six months when they found out they were pregnant again and although it can be crazy at times with the boys so close in age, Andrew and Navi can't imagine life without Sohan.

Darshan and Sohan have a little bond with each other already. I looked back at my last post and saw that Darshan was described as looking just like his daddy but having his mummy's personality, which is so divine as they told me this time that Sohan looks just like his mummy but his daddy's calm personality. How cool is biology?

Darshan calls his brother "Bhappi" which is his version of the word "baby". That has stuck with the family and now most people call little Sohan Bhappi as well.

 I was totally smitten with this laid back little love. When I couldn't hide my envy over Sohan's delicious curly hair, his mummy was hilarious saying she had no idea where it had come from.

I also fell madly in love with the beautiful whorls in the peach fuzz between his eyebrows - have you ever seen such darling eyes?

I tried to get a snuggly one of the whole family but Darshan was not keen, but in a way, this was just as special since they had a similar photo with Darshan at the same age. As a younger sister, I can see how much this image will mean to Sohan one day as so often, when you are a younger sib, there are not photos of you alone with your parents. But now this little guy has one and I hope he will know how special that is one day.

Thank you all for another lovely shoot - it was so wonderful to meet sweet Sohan and see how Darshan has grown - how cool is my job? Love to you all xxx

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