Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say a Little Prayer...

You may remember my post after Christmas about why I had disappeared from the blogosphere. It was because Santa had brought two delightful new family members into our home. So we have all fallen madly in love and they have made our lives so much better. But recently, our darling licky, snuggly, so-soft-you-can-barely-feel-her kitten, Bindi, has been very seriously ill. We didn't notice it as soon as we should have as she has always been a little timid and never tore about the place the way her sister, Po, did. So when I decided she really needed to play outside more and plopped her down, as she raced back into the house, I saw her hind legs buckle a little. That was last Monday, and she has since deteriorated massively. She ended up being admitted to the vet on Sat morning for she was severely emaciated by then and not responding to meds or eating at all. All her motor functions were failing and she was grinding her teeth, had one pupil larger than the other, and started spasming. The vets were amazing and all are desperately tying to figure out what is wrong but the clock is ticking for her. Today, I spoke to the vet at lunch and they told me I needed to be prepared when I came to see her again as she was even worse than yesterday, when I had already been shocked. I asked if we needed to have "the conversation" and she very empathetically said probably. I have been a complete basket case for a week now, but today I posted on facebook a request for friends to pray for her. I took Ben with me tonight, for I knew I could not face this alone, and when we arrived, she was miraculously improved even from what she had seemed yesterday. She still can't walk or control most muscle function, but her head was not lulling about so wildly and she seemed so alert and in tune to me that my heart broke. So improved that the vet agreed the best thing for her would be to come home to get some love, as that is one of the best healers. So for now, she is home with us. She is so fragile and frightened and confused and frustrated, but she is purring incessantly as soon as she hears my voice and feels my touch. We are so thankful to have her back with us and so I wanted to carry on that vein and ask that you share in the prayers, or sending out of healing vibes, or whatever positive energies you exude when you hear of these situations. I believe the love sent her way from facebook this afternoon helped her turn a corner so all we need now is for her to recover fully and be out in the garden, chasing lizards and butterflies with her sister and the kids.

Thanks to all for praying for our baby girl - in a few short months, she has come to mean more to us than we ever could have known and we just want her to live a long and happy life with this family who loves her more than words or photos can show. xxx


  1. Awwww... Sending you all the best vibes. Hope your kitty is ok. Please post an update.

  2. I totally understand how you feel, honestly and truly from the bottom of my heart I do. You never think you could love them so much and at times like this especially, you realize just how much you do. Praying for Bindi's full and speedy recovery.


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