Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indigo's 2nd Recital

Indigo has been taking ballet at In Motion for two years. She seems to like it but what has surprised me most is that she loves loves loves the recital. It is so unexpected as she is actually quite shy in new situations. I don't know if it is the costumes, or the fact that the lights prevent her from seeing how full the City Hall is, but she says she could happily not do classes at all, and just be in the show. I try to explain to her that you can't have the show without all the practice, and I suppose that is slowly sinking in, but for now, she is just beside herself with excitement that she will be performing the next two weekends. Last year, I took these photos and so decided it might be fun to shoot her in this year's costume in my room again and perhaps I can try to do it every year as a comparison. 

As I may have mentioned before, I am not so good with Indigo as I am with my clients. On a job, I am patient and nurturing and funny and try to make my subjects think it is not a shoot at all, but just something fun. But for some reason, with Indigo, I just bark orders at her, tell her to not do this or that, and make her thoroughly miserable. It is a miracle I have a single nice photo of her but she is a trooper and always eager to please me, no matter how wicked I am, and so I get some shots. I wanted at least one face shot of her but couldn't think of anything funny to say to make her relax and be herself. But I still like these images!


Once I asked her to show me a bit of her dance, she lit up and proudly showed me her moves, humming the tune to herself and counting in time. So so sweet, and probably not that easy to do on a Tempurpedic mattress! If you have a burning desire to see her, along with the hundreds of other dancers of all ages perform, book tickets here!


A little ad lib jumping is always in order when doing a dance rehearsal on a bed.

Doesn't my new backdrop look darling?

She takes ballet and jazz so she gets to do a tutu change half way through and is going to slip into this fun little feathery number for her second dance.

After me trying (unsuccessfully) to get her to pose naturally for a couple minutes, she put her foot down, or in this case it was her head, and refused to do anything more for me in front of the camera.

Then I promised she could do whatever she wanted and this was her choice!


And then she disappeared...

Thank you my love for letting me take photos of you in your costume. You are such a sweet little dancer and I am so proud of you for all your hard work and can't wait to see you dance next Saturday!! xxx

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