Thursday, April 26, 2012

Annika in the Freesias

This little angel is such a love and one of my fave things her mother told me about her is that she would rather skip than walk - now that is a great outlook on life! Annika is a smart and inquisitive three year old with a great sense of humour for her age and quite the little personality. She is one of the caring children who is always wanting to be sure others are happy. She constantly asks her beautiful mama bear how her day was, kissing "owies" better and helping carry bags. I photographed her in her mummy's belly, then again when she was just days old, and since with her wonderful family, and have loved watching her grow up. Her mummy is a friend and a highlight is when I read the sweet little comments Annika makes that her mummy shares on facebook. She makes her mummy laugh every day with her quirky comments and questions that she comes up with and is one of those kids that everyone seems to take a liking to.

Annika loved frolicking in the freesias and drinking in the sweet fragrance of the flowers while they were in bloom. And such a gorgeous setting - just heaven.

Annika loves to dance and spin and wear dresses and is quite the social butterfly and always wants to see friends and tell them about her latest news or newest book or favourite toy.

I adore these last ones - she is so thoughtful but couldn't decide if colour or black and white was better so decided to share both.

Annika - thanks for being such a fun little twirly girly in the flowers - you are at such a sweet age and I can't wait to see how you blossom in the years to come. xxxx

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