Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Better Excuse

So assuming there are actually people out there who look at this blog (one can dream), and assuming you have been utterly unimpressed by my lack of posting, I thought I would need a pretty good reason for the radio silence. Well, given it was the holidays, the kids were off school and Ben was off work, I decided to shut down my computer all together too. But that is not the main reason. The real reason for my disappearance is that Santa answered the children's prayers and brought two little special souls on Christmas morning and we have all been so smitten that there was not time for anything else but love love love.

Oslo's letter was hilarious - very elaborate with all sorts of flaps on it with "more info" and "fun facts". Sadly, Santa did not wake him or show himself to either of the children, but their answers of black and white kittens were answered.

 I let Indigo sound her letter out herself so think Santa got the gist, albeit probably not without difficulty.

The children woke up ridiculously early after a crazy late night - it was a wonder they did not have melt downs all day but I suppose with the excitement of Christmas, who has time to behave badly from over tiredness? Indigo was still in her party dress for she was asleep when we arrived home so looked quite the glam girl on Christmas morn. They saw their stockings were filled so b-lined straight for them when Oslo nearly tripped over a box on the hearth. As he was lifting the scroll note from the ribbon, we all heard something inside the box move... the kids squealed as a wee paw emerged through a small hole in the side of the gift. They both shrieked in synch "A kitten!"

As they opened the box, a darling black and white kitten emerged. Indigo instantly recognised her as the one she had bonded with at the SPCA a month earlier. She couldn't believe Santa knew which one she had loved so.  And to their surprise, another kitten slithered out of the box nervously - this one all black - and slinked off to hide before they had a chance to say hello.

Oslo read the beautifully scripted letter from Santa - his cursive writing was unexpectedly neat - and he spoke of how much love the children have in their hearts to give to these furry babies. He said the little black and white kitted was called Po (children instantly picked up on the Kung Fu Panda reference) and was outgoing and adventurous and playful, while the all black fluffy one was called Bindi and she was timid and had had a hard start to life but he knew the children would teach her in time to trust.

As soon as she was out of the box, Bindi would hide - she went to this window later when she was a little more comfortable but she was still happier to watch rather than participate. When we did capture her to cuddle her, she was so incredibly soft that we could barely even feel her fur - she is divine. And the second we'd touch her, a little purring motor started loudly and she adored the affection.

Po was instantly into everything and very confident, strutting about the place like she was in charge. She'd run up to the children and nuzzle them, but only for a second before she dashed off to check out some new smell.

Cairo was definitely dying to chase the kittens but remained under the daybed at our command.

Po discovered the doll house first. She looked so funny inside - she was a giant compared to the wee doors and windows, and speak nothing of the furniture that was thrown about in her wake.

But it was Bindi who moved in permanently. At first she was on the ground floor and knocked over the Christmas tree but then she decided the second floor master bedroom was more her style. She broke two of the posters off the four poster bed and made it her own - it was just so heart warming to see her sweet figure in the house and we have now renamed it the kitten house instead. My only fear is that they are three months already so what happens when they grow even bigger - wil they just keep trashing the house or will they accept that they need to leave home at last?

I absolutely adore how different their two personalities are. One so full of fun and adventure and cuddly as can be, while the other is very nervous but so utterly loving and snuggly and soft when she trusts. I think they will both teach the children so much and although I am usually against kittens when there are so many adult cats who need homes, we think Santa made the right choice given the age of the the children and how much joy they will bring to their lives.

I have loved that it has gotten a little colder recently so they are always snuggling up to each other when they sleep which just breaks my heart.

How cute is this simultaneous yawn - I love them!

So hope these two little love bugs are excuse enough for not posting at all over the holiday period. Promise to get back into it and so much to post both on a personal and professional front so watch this space. In the meantime, hope all of you are enjoying your memories of the season as much as we are. I may have to control myself to not post about these two a little too often but if I do, please accept my apology in advance. I did google at what number of cats one becomes a crazy cat lady and most sites did say four was the beginning. So four cats, a dog, two kids and one hubby will be our limit at least for a while and I will let you know if give in any further to my tendencies toward officially becoming a crazy cat lady. xxx


  1. Adorable Sacha! Anyone who says they don't like cats, never met the right one or was never a proud owner of one. My Mum recently rescued 2 4-year old brothers from SPCA after the unbearable loss of her 1-year old rescue, Oliver, to some tire wheels. :( But Enzo and Mario have certainly filled a void and have made themselves quite at home. They even sneak next door to Dave and Caroline's to give chase to Buddy, their golden. They are very confident and he is terrified of them. Makes for most amusing game viewing! Santa did well at your place, the kids must have left him cheese!! x Zoe


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