Saturday, April 21, 2012

Headboard Heaven

You may have seen my new headboard post from a couple days ago explaining the arched windows. Well, I had a shoot on Thursday in which I wanted to use fairy lights as a backdrop. I spent hours the night before the shoot setting them up at the back of my bed and had to take down the arched windows only a day after my mum had hung them. But once the fairy lights were up, I was so smitten with the look that I decided to keep them up forever. I simply snipped ever so small holes in my dreamy curtains so I could hang the windows back up on their hooks and this is the result. Isn't it just divine? It is something I would have pinned on pinterest for my dream bedroom id I had seen someone else do it - and here we are living it ourselves. Plus, it is so easy to take the windows down for shoots and I can always just shoot with or without the lights for different effects, or still add my delish mosquito net for the old look. I am so excited and just never want to leave our bedroom now, which is lucky since that is where our very sick kitten is living and so I am spending a huge amount of time in there, desperately trying to get her to eat and drink enough to tide her over until we can find out what is making her so very ill. So if you want a shoot with this fabulous back drop, let me know, and if you want to send some healing vibes our way for Bindi, that would be much appreciated too!

Here is to making your own dream room a reality xxxx

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