Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Window Art

Please meet our new headboard! I found these delightful windows on emoo and the gentleman selling them had just repainted them so they looked shiny and new when I picked them up. All they needed were some new hinges to fit them to their frames and they were ready to be installed in our dream home. Only problem is that we don't own a dream home yet, and although we do live in one pretty close right now, sadly, it is not ours to knock holes in walls and add in these sweet windows. So I decided that to tide us over and make use of the windows for now, I would store the frames somewhere safe, and have my mum, handy as she is, to distress them (probably what they looked like a couple of weeks ago!) and hang them above our bed. It was a little tricky fitting them as the arches were not at all even, but I love the asymmetry of them and did a practice shoot tonight with Indigo and they are such a pretty back drop. And the best bit is that they are removable, so I can do different backdrops for shoots, but for Ben and me, when we walk in the room, it just looks so romantic and magical which is just what a bedroom should be.

Here is my mother hard at work - she is so clever at all things crafty and carpentry so she does all our handy work around the house and I am constantly asking her to make fun things. Can't wait for you to see what I have in store for the kids' room!

Happy Wednesday, and if you didn't see my post yesterday, please check it out and send some love Bindi's way as she still has a long long way to go. xxxx

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