Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Reunion

 It was rare to have the whole family together as Mark lives in Canada and Stephanie lives in London. But the girls wanted to seize the opportunity when they were all on the island at the same time. They remember who their mother used to make them pose every year for family photos for the annual Christmas letter when the children were small. They always grumbled and complained and teased her about her Christmas letter at the time. Even though none of the kids write annual round robin letters now that they are grown, their grandmother (great grandmother to the little ones) still tries to send out a letter once a year to her friends. And in spite of all their past grumblings, the family photos and captures of their childhood memories are now very special and they are thankful to have them. In future, when looking back at these images, they are sure they will be grateful to have recorded these happy memories as a growing family when they were all together in the spring of 2011.

The kids call her Mama and she is the backbone of the family and a real spirit.

This was the first time since 2007 that Mark, Stephanie, Mama, Gillian and Graeme were all together again.

Mark and Emma

Graeme and Julia

Mama with Annika and Axel

Stephanie and Johan with Axel

Gillian and Annika

This was the first time the cousins were really old enough to get to know each other and their relationship was very sweet.

Thank you all for asking me again to document another special moment in all of your lives - I have loved watching the children grow and change and catching up with you each time. You are blessed to have such a close family and it is wonderful you honour that closeness with photos. xxx

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