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Jessica & Adam

Adam and Jessica were blessed with the most glorious weather on their wedding day, but it was totally unexpected. The forecast for the weekend was suppose to be ghastly - thundershowers and torrential downpours were predicted that Saturday and we had already started making rain plans for the photographs. Jessica had a restless sleep the night before her big day and when she awoke at 6am that morning, it was overcast and drizzling. Yet as the morning progressed, the clouds cleared away and blue skies and bright sunshine surprised us all. Adam and Jessica felt so blessed that they ended up with the best of both worlds - they had all the luck of showers on their wedding day, and then clear skies for the photos and celebration. What an amazing way to begin their new life journey together.

You may recognise Jessica and Adam from a previous wedding. Jessica's twin sister, Anne married Chris last year and I was their photographer too. In fact, Jessica asked me to shoot her wedding before she had even seen her sister's photos which I found a little nerve racking. But the fact that she liked they way I worked on the day was compliment enough and then when she saw the pics, she was sure so I was thrilled to accept. I love the network of clients and how people find me and I especially love shooting within families so I can see clients again in different capacities. And both of these sisters' weddings were so beautifully done that it was just wonderful to be a part of each of them.

The bride's dress was a Monique Lhullier creation and came from Ultimate Bride in Chicago, the same boutique where her sister, Anne found hers the year before. They had an amazing sales associate who helped with the selection. She was also a twin and was very excited as Jessica and Anne were the first twins she had dressed for their respective weddings.

Jessica wore the pear earrings that Adam had given her for their first Christmas together. She wears them every day so couldn't have abandoned them on the most special day of her life. The hair pieces were designed by a hat maker at Ultimate Bride.

The bride's hair was styled by Bobbi and her make up was done by Nathalie, both of whom work at Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Southampton.

Suzan Sickling did the flowers for the bridal party and the church. The couple said that they wanted the church to be pink and left up to Suzan since she has such amazing taste and style. Jessica's one request was that her bouquet contained garden roses as they have always been her favourite.

The view from the deck of the new part of The Reef's hotel is utterly stunning - I just adore this location to shoot at for there are so many nooks that give a different feel, from the drama of this ocean backdrop to the intimacy of the moongate or the charm of arches around the property.

The bride game her maids J.Crew jewelry that she had picked out while in Chicago. She particularly loved the boxes which had her initials!

Jessica grew up in the Christ Church congregation - she went to Sunday school, was in the Christmas pageants, was in the children's choir and was also confirmed there, so it was a given that she would also be married in the church. But aside from the family history, the couple also find it such a beautiful church and they enjoy Rev. Dunsmore's sermons.

From the beginning of the wedding planning, Adam had said that he was keen to have a memorable send off from the church. Jessica told him that he could be responsible for that part and he promptly forgot all about their transportation from the church! Jessica was expecting to be shuttled in an ordinary taxi but was shocked and delighted when this most darling Morris Minor was waiting for them outside. I wasn't the only was who was totally smitten with this beauty - it was also a hit with the gentlemen who had been around to experience their heyday in the 60s.

I simply adore this image and couldn't narrow down to one particular version so you get the colour above and the black and white version below.

How heavenly are their reflections in this car - I just couldn't get enough of it!

The couple chose The Reefs for their reception since Jessica had grown up on the South Shore and lived only a few houses down from the hotel. It was fantastic to be in an area which has wonderful memories and the view is so stunning.

Adam's proposal to Jessica turned out like nothing he had imagine or planned. The romantic idea was to pop the question while they would be in Argentina for a holiday. Adam had arranged for a two night stay at a beautiful vineyard in the foothills of the Andes. The first leg of their flight took them to Atlanta where they were promptly halted by an epic snowstorm and stranded in the city for three days! It was impossible to rebook to Argentina for another week so the love birds decided to head to New York for some R&R. They went out to dinner to one of their favourite New York brasseries and it was there that Adam finally asked Jessica to become his wife. He was so happy that he had kept the ring in his hand luggage as the rest of their luggage didn't arrive until that day before they headed home!

Adam bought Jessica's engagement ring locally at Crissons and they later also found their wedding rings in the same shop. They decided on simple and classic white gold wedding bands to complement the beauty of Jessica's engagement diamonds.

I love how the couple are watching their guests enjoying themselves at the reception. I remember a bride once asking if I could capture the newlyweds viewing their party from a distance and what a special memory it was for her so I love it when it happens naturally as we head up from the couple shots.

Oh how I adore this horizon pool!

The flowers at the reception were done by Noella, a family friend who is also a talented florist.

Although it was a modern wedding, the traditional Bermuda cakes of a silver leaf fruit cake for the bride to represent fertility and a gold leaf pound cake to symbolise prosperity for the groom were in addition to the beautiful wedding cake. They were each topped with a sprig of endemic Bermuda cedar.

Upon hearing of Jessica and Adam's engagement, Jean Claude Garzcia, the executive chef at Beau Rivage, told the couple he would be making their wedding cake. No questions asked. JC is the best in the business so the couple were honoured and thrilled that such an accomplished chef would be part of their big day. Jessica's only requirements were that the cake be round and white, with some, but not too much, decoration. J.C. instinctively knew exactly what they were looking for and created an amazing and delicious masterpiece. They think he used 70 eggs to make the cake and it was utterly beautiful!

Adam and Jessica - I was so honoured to photograph your beautiful wedding - it was such a treat seeing you marry after having met you last year at Anne's and Chris' wedding and you were so blessed with the weather. I loved capturing the love you two share and wish you all the best in this new life together xxx

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