Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shazieh, Greg and Chloe

Shazieh and Greg were given a gift certificate to get photographs of sweet little Chloe and the original plan was to do the shoot at their home, but when the family found out they were leaving the island, they decided a beach shoot made more sense so they could best remember their favourite aspects of Bermuda, with its beautiful blues of the ocean and the soft colours of the sands.

Chloe enjoys having tea parties so it made sense to bring her sweet set to the beach and have a play picnic.

How darling is her dress in the shot below - reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when she is slowly falling down the rabbit hole and her dress makes an umbrella shape.

Mr bear, the teddy, goes everywhere with Chloe and I adored the little relationship she had with him.

Thank you all for a lovely shoot - I know how up in the air you must have all felt with your move so soon, but so glad we captured you before you left the island for good. Hopefully these photographic memories will always hold a special place for you and that you will always come back for holidays! xxx

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