Monday, March 5, 2012

Rock Stars

The kids were invited to a rock star party for their friend Maya's 7th birthday. We had no idea what to expect, but we decided dressing the part was key. The children ended up singing with microphones, dancing on an outdoor stage to an superior sound system, and having a total blast. Amazing how into music these kids are so young.

Oslo took his ukulele and didn't put it down the entire afternoon. It was a musical instrument come landing gear come weapon come accessory. It was too funny. At one point, while the girls were all doing this incredible choreographed dance that Maya had taught her friends, Oslo tried to steal the show with his own version in front of the stage. It was utterly hilarious and more hysterical was when Seb, Maya's cousin, acted like security and took Oslo out. The two were writhing around on the grass while the girls performed their moves meticulously - such entertainment for all the adults as we sat in our rows and enjoyed the show(s).

Indigo wore a shirt of mine and we stuck one of my necklaces in her hair and a bangle on her upper arm. I was so smitten with her outfit. I suddenly longed to have had a less womanly shape in my youth in order to have dressed like that. It was just so hip and she loves singing more than anything so she was in her element, even before we got to the party.

I love themed birthday parties - it gives the kids something to think about and often even learn about or research. It is a way to be creative in what they find around the house to put together for the right look or costume, and it makes the birthday feel like a really special occasion. Thank you Maya for the inspiration and such a great day! xxxx

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  1. These pics are great, your children are stunning and I so love your comments!! XOXO


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