Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indigo in the Freesias

Every year, I take a photo of my two children dressed in white in a field of white flowers. I have been trying to find a good moment this year but we are so busy and they have so much on each afternoon that it hasn't been possible. So the other day, Oslo had a play date and Indigo's play date fell through so we decided to go do a practice session in the amazing secret location for this year's annual shoot of the two of them. I dressed Indigo in her dreamy new dress I brought back for her from our trip to London. It moves in such an elegant way and was insanely reduced since was the last one and had buttons missing. But who notices that sort of thing and since Indigo is still wearing things for an 18 month old and 24 month old (they are shorter obviously but her arms still fit in the holes!), I figured this dress will last her until she is near her teens and will be a cute shirt with jeans! For now, it is just perfect for flowy flower photos and I was in heaven with good light, gorgeous flowers and my favourite little girl.

Not to mention. the scent in this field was overpowering. I almost got a head rush while shooting as the sweet smells came in bursts with each puff of wind.

I decided to play around with a few different ways of processing and simply couldn't decide if I preferred the warm summer sun feel, the stark black and white, the cool misty morning feel of these two below, or the sort of haunting twilight mood of the series further down. Fun to have all the options and usually, I don't like to mix variations of processing in a blog post, even if I have done a few options, but for this one, since it is a personal post, I figured being all over the place was okay.

I adore this image below but it was so reminiscent of something though at first I couldn't put my finger on it. I now know and want to do a post later with the two images side by side, but shoot me an email or leave me a comment if you know the scene this is so similar to.


How heavenly is this setting with Indigo so small in the landscape. And in this processing, her dress is the same colour as the casurina trunks and so she stands out so beautifully.

My twirly girly - amazing she didn't get a balance issue afterwards, having been made to spin so many times!


Thank you Indigo for such a lovely afternoon - I think it was a blessing in disguise that your play date didn't happen, or we wouldn't have had so much fun in the flowers and wouldn't have these amazing memories of what an incredible childhood with which you have been blessed. And I am pretty blessed too having someone as special as you in my life. I love you xxxxx

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  1. These are really stunning photos! It all feels very whimsical and fairy like.

    Quick question for you- which editing software/program do you use to edit?


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