Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paul, Jodie & Joshua

Jodie and Paul were married in 2009 and I was honoured to be the one to capture their amazing wedding. I was over the moon to hear they had a baby and excited when they asked me to shoot their sweet little boy Joshua. And with another baby on the way due in August, I look forward to seeing four of them next time we connect for a session. How lucky am I to have a job which allows me to be a part of the most special times in peoples' lives and capture those memories forever - love my job! And love this gorgeous family!

They decided to come to my home for the shoot since I have so many vignettes that I can set up that in a way, it seems like several different shoots rather than just one. We brought my fabulous gold sofa into the garden for the traditional family shots before we let Joshua have some fun will all my toys!

The family have just moved up to the northwest of England and bought a house six months ago so are really feeling settled at last. With the new baby due when Joshua will be only 18 months old, they hope the siblings will be great friends growing up since they will be so close in age.

Despite not mastering the whole sleep at night thing, Joshua has the best temperament. He is laid back and easy going and is always smiling.

I love images of kids with hats on but Joshua was not entirely impressed with the way it felt, though it looked amazing with his blue eyes!

His mummy tells me what a great little traveller he is, having been all the way out to California for a wedding and to Bermuda from the UK four times already in his first year of life. Although Paul and Jodie are living in England, all of Jodie's family are still here on the island so they spend all their holidays here so that Joshua can have as much time as possible with his big cousins, Caitlin and Tyler who are great entertainment for him.

We thought perhaps a different hat might make all the difference, but alas, he wasn't having any of it.

I am swooning over this little face...

Joshua loves anything musical and anything messy so he was in heaven banging away on our out of tune antique miniature Wurlitzer piano that was salvaged from the Blue Angel Club in New York many moons ago.

Thanks to the three of you for coming over to play - we had fun and it was great to see you as parents and can't wait to meet the new addition next time you are here. xxx

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