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Angela & Bill

Bill and Angela met within six weeks of her moving to Bermuda six years ago. They very quickly discovered they had a mutual love of being active and in the outdoors, travel and most of all, being with each other. Three years later, the pair were planning their wedding which proved to be more difficult than expected. With Angela's friends and family on the west coast of Canada, and Bill's clan spread out all over Ireland, Scotland and England, setting the place was tricky. In addition, some special family members were not able to travel so the challenge of finding the right location meant they kept putting off their wedding entirely. In July of 2010, their sweet son, Liam, arrived and the new parents were thrilled, but of course, the wedding was pushed back again. On a flight back to Canada in August last summer, Bill and Angela reflected on how lucky they felt to have each other, to live in a place like Bermuda, and to have the most amazing son. Since both their parents were planning on spending the holidays in Bermuda, the two thought, "Let's do it!" and get married in the place where they fell in love and started their family. So they set the date and since they knew so many would not be able to travel for the big day, they decided to keep it small and simple. It ended up being the most wonderful two week holiday with some of their immediate family, culminating in an intimate wedding at the glamourous Tucker's Point Hotel.

Angela found her dress in a boutique in Canada. Her best friend came along and her opinions were valuable to Angela at this special time. Luckily, the gown arrived on the island two weeks before the big day and didn't need any alterations.

Michelle from Gimi created the vibrant bouquet.

The bride's wedding shoes were Kate Spade but she also picked up the fabulous jeweled flip flops at a shop in St George's so that she and Bill would be the same height for their ceremony.

The bride was on a business trip to Miami just a couple of weeks before her wedding and found exactly what she was looking for in the jewelry department of Bloomingdales.

Angela's hair was done by Jenna Martin from Newstead and her make up by Terri-Lynn from MAC.

The bride's dear friend, Spring, lent Angela her blue garter belt that she had worn in her own wedding in 2007 so that covered borrowed and blue in one shot!

As wedding gifts to each other, the couple gave special watches (ones they had had their eyes on for a while). Angela didn't wear hers on the wedding day as she preferred the delicate look of her jewelry, but Bill wore his splendid TAG watch which was a lovely complement to his ring when that was placed on his finger during the ceremony. He also wore his favourite cufflinks from Harvey Nicols in Edinburgh.

Since they had friends and family flying in from afar for their special event, the couple decided it made sense to do their couple and group photos before the ceremony so that afterwards, they could take full advantage of their time together with their guests at the cocktail and dinner receptions. I love it when couples meet before hand for it gives them a moment to actually speak to each other about all those intense emotions bubbling up rather than standing in silence during the service with the only mode of communication being tight hand squeezing. Since it was so windy and wet outside, we met indoors for their first look.

Bill gave Angela a heart felt note telling her how lucky he felt to be becoming her husband at last, how excited he was about their wedding, and how much the day meant to him.

After their intimate greeting, the couple headed downstairs to meet their family who awaited them, and especially sweet little Liam.

After we finished the group shots, it seemed the rain would continue to hold off and we headed outside to the croquet lawn for some photographs in the wild windy weather.

We actually had to request the family who were actually playing allow us to take over the game for a moment. We kept hoping Liam would leave all their balls exactly where they were but that of course didn't happen!

Bill and Angela were in New York over Easter in 2009. After a fun day at Coney Island where they rode the old rickety wooden 1920s roller coaster, The Cyclone, Bill surprised Angela with a "fake" ring. The two then had fun shopping at Tiffany's picking out the "real" engagement ring and her wedding band. Bill later designed his own ring with the help of the people at Swiss Timing here on the island.

When planning their wedding, Angela and Bill knew they really wanted to get married outside. Tucker's Point has so many beautiful and different settings that they knew they could be flexible depending on weather which would be variable in winter. On the day of the wedding, the weather radar had a huge band of raining threatening to hit all day so the call was made to have the wedding indoors. The hotel had everything set up indoors, from chairs to pedestals of flowers. Yet moments before the ceremony was to begin, the couple decided the rains had held off this long, it was worth trusting they would hold off a little longer. They decided to have the ceremony outside on the croquet lawn and were so happy to be outside in the natural blustery setting, even without all the trimmings. Bill and Angela love being outdoors so it seemed so much more natural to them to bind themselves to each other in a setting where they felt inspired.

Angela's friends in Bermuda sent around an email to all the bride's girlfriends around the globe, collecting snippets of advice on marriage as well wishes. All this love and knowledge from friends and family was put on bits of paper and put in a vase in their hotel room so it really felt like everyone was there celebrating with them on their special day.

Both the bride and groom love their wines so they felt the wine room was the perfect setting for a wine enthusiast. And they adore the food at the hotel as well and with Bill being an avid lobster diver, they were able to enjoy fresh Bermuda lobster as their main dish at dinner and it was utterly divine.

Since the couple love being on the water and the oceanside life one leads in Bermuda, they requested a beach themed cake which the hotel whipped up meticulously.

Angela and Bill's first dance was to "Lucky" by Colbie Caillat since they really do feel so incredibly luck to have found each other and to be in love with his and her best friend.

Later that night, the rains finally poured down so the wedding guests ended up in an indoor gallery just outside the Point Restaurant. Bill's mum is a professional pianist and after some champagne, she serenaded the newlyweds with some of her amazing music.

Bill and Angela - your wedding was intimate and just lovely - I adored being a part of your wedding and felt like we were close friends by the end - you have a wonderful way about you and Liam is just a delight. Wishing you much happiness in this new journey xxxxxx

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  1. Doug and Donna AdamsFebruary 26, 2012 at 2:26 AM

    Your photos are incredible and brought back so many happy memories of that special day.
    Doug and Donna (parents of the bride)


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