Friday, February 24, 2012

Fadia, Rob, Olivia & Isabelle

Bermuda holds a special place in the hearts of Rob and Fadia, for it is where they met while they were both working on the island. They have since left Bermuda, but still have some dear friends who live here whom they are lucky enough to be able to come to visit, so while here on holiday over Christmas, they decided to do a beach shoot. I have shot their family a couple of times before and I adored seeing how much Olivia has changed. She is the wee one in a tutu being swung on my website opening page that links to the portrait section - and here she is now such a big girl and now a big sister to darling Isabelle too!

Olivia is a doting big sister and Isabelle spends most of her time trying to prove that she is a big girl too and can do anything her big sister can do.

Olivia is six and started Kindergarten this year. She is sweet, mild mannered, and always eager to please. She has a gentle, smart and mothering old soul and simply adores monkeys. When her little sister just started speaking, she couldn't pronounce Olivia so used her nickname, Monkey Doodle. It has stuck ever since and is even often shortened to Monkey or Monk.

Three year old Isabelle is in preschool and is full of beans. She has a fiery personality and (so her mama tells me) a quick temper, but is very funny and affectionate. She loves her Lambie which is the stuffed toy without whom she cannot sleep. This trip was Isabelle's first time ever seeing the ocean so definitely not to be forgotten.

Highlights of their Bermuda visit were playing with the dolphins, sea shell hunting, Christmas day on Elbow Beach, riding the scooter with their Dad, and seeing the eel at the Aquarium. A trip packed full of goodness and good weather!

The girls' Auntie Sarah, who is the mama of their friends Anna and Katie, who they were visiting, had given them these adorable matching pajama outfits but Fadia thought they would look just perfect for an old fashioned beach feel at the shoot and I totally agree.

Fadia and Rob - it was so great to see you again and see how Olivia has matured and meet sweet little Isabelle. I love that you capture your special times here - I think these photos will be a wonderful keepsake of your amazing trip and we packed so much into one session. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to seeing you again when you next visit. xxxx

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