Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anna's Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Anna had previously only had small family gatherings to celebrate her birthdays, but now that she was making her own friends at nursery, it was time for her to have a big party to celebrate her third birthday. Anna is a bit of an old soul inside, so her family were a little worried she might not want so many friends around on the big day since she is so family focused. But she was a lovely hostess on the day of the party and had a fabulous time. When the idea of a proper party came about, the whole family sat down over lunch to discuss the plan. They all decided Anna was a perfect fit for Alice so a Mad Hatter's Tea Party seemed the dream theme. They are all Martha Stewart fans and big on crafts so between August and October, the family and friends worked tirelessly, designating craft days every weekend to create the props and party items and after tons of silliness and laughter, the most incredible set up materialised. It felt as if by magic it all came together at the last minute. They just had time to dash home to shower before rushing back to the party in time for the guests to arrive. It's just this type of crafty family that pulls together to make an unforgettable event for an unforgettable and very much loved little girl.

Family friend, Pauline, took charge of delegating jobs to all the family members.  She brought energy and enthusiasm to the party planning and her special skills at marshaling all of Anna's family to go to great lengths to make the birthday really special paid off. Pauline over saw the ordering of craft supplies and party favours and decorations. Uncle Justing is handy and has great power tools since he works in construction so he was head of props. Aunt Terrilyn, Granny Gail and were in charge of soft crafts and tried to not go too wild on the sparkle spray. Terrilyn was amazing at the fabric toad stools, while Gail painted everything in sight from poles to china to the bunny rabbit pen (and of course, sometimes the driveway, the rubbish bin, and her dog, Feebie). Anna's daddy, Chris, is a gadget man so he provided great music and sound system on the day. Dawn, Anna's mummy, kept everyone fed throughout the moths of preparation, organised amazing food on the day, stuffed goodie bags and provided sensible guidance when her team were going over the top with ideas, yet all the while remaining completely supportive of their craftiness, and vey crafty herself!

These were so cleverly done, I was convinced they were purchased, but Pauline said she bought items from The Barn, spray painted them in this funky plastic type paint, and glued them all together - they were divine centre pieces and really added to the feel of the Alice in Wonderland magic.

It is not a proper Wonderland without mad toadstools in every colour.

Anna's little brother had a grand time at the party too. And the bunny pen was a huge hit with these delightful rabbits from Jason Wilmot loved to be snuggled by all the children.

They had train rides leaving throughout the day and the kids had a blast. Oleander always does a great job with their hit attraction.

Anna loved her party so much she is already talking about her fourth birthday and so far, she is asking for everything to be exactly the same - a good sign of a successful day. Hopefully all the family and Pauline can pull it together again as beautifully for next year!

I loved this bubble ball castle - the kids would leap about in it and get lost in all the colourful balls - so many amazing things available to children these days - just makes childhood so magical.

Chrisanthi Bartley and Pam from Scribbles face painters created some masterpieces on the children.

Pauline and Anna's family did their own craft tables, goodie bags and all the decor for the special event.


I was smitten with the bubble machine making the croquet lawn a magical world where the kids had fun playing the game and in the bubbles.

The food was simply divine and Otto outdid himself as always. It was all so beautifully presented and tasted even better.

Cake Boutique Celebration were the masterminds behind these exquisite creations. I was totally enamoured by all the different styles of cupcakes inspired by Lewis Carole's book. And the cake was just so utterly charming - these tasty treats were the highlight of the tea party.

Blowing out the candles is the best bit of the birthday. It represents such a moment when everyone is focused on the birthday girl, and all those wishes for the year ahead are given a chance to take flight. And the singing and excitement for the sugar rush to come are just the icing on the cake!

Happy 3rd birthday sweet little Anna. Your party was just magical and you are very lucky to have so many friends and such dear family who love you so much and put so much work into making your special day one to remember. xxxx

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