Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leyli, Anisa and Dylan

Leyli, Anisa and Dylan came to my home studio for a mini session. I had shot the girls last year so it was fun to be able to include their darling baby brother this time round. I love capturing kids more than once to see how much they have grown and changed - it fascinates me to look back and compare the times in their lives side by side.

Both girls enjoy playing the violin though they have their moments when the songs are too hard to learn. Leyli has been playing the violin for three years and Anisa for one.

The sisters play really well together. They adore playing "family" , or wearing costumes and putting on a show for their parents to watch. They love each other to pieces, but of course, like most siblings, have their moments when they fight like cats and dogs - typical intimate sister relationship.

Leyli is kind and one of those kids who makes friends easily. She plays well with boys and girls, being a princess one moment and a tom boy asking to play football or baseball the next. She loves reading and her parents sometimes catch her reading way past bedtime. She loves to dance, riding her bike and creating pieces of art. She's also a great big sister to Dylan. She loves playing with him and making him laugh, feeding him and even giving him a bath.

Anisa is definitely the princess of the house. Ever since she could walk, she was interested in high heeled shoes, and was choosing her own clothes by 15 months. Now, at age five, she still picks what she wants to wear and she is very creative with her choices wearing things in rather unconventional ways. She loves wearing dresses and skirts and necklaces and hair accessories. When her parents think there are no other ways of putting an outfit together, she seems to come up with something new. She also adores to do her hair in a certain way and no one can stop her. And when she is not dressing up, she love dancing, riding her bike and helping out in the kitchen with the cooking.

Dylan is a happy little boy and although he has the choice of playing with all sorts of girly things, he always goes straight for anything with wheels - his hard wiring him him crawling all over the house, always with his boy toys in hand. He loves listening to music and makes funny sounds to get everyone to laugh.

 Thank you Leyli, Anisa and Dylan - hope you three had fun and thanks for coming over to play - next time ask your mummy and daddy to be int he pics too! xxx


  1. Que crianças mais lindas, olha só esse bebê, até parece de mentira

  2. Unbelievably beautiful children!! Exquisite photographs! The perfect match...


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