Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ashley & Matt - Home session

Ashley and Matt were very open when I suggested that after the church, they take their horse and buggy to my home for some couple shots. The totally trusted me, having never even met me in their lives. When they showed up, I had set up my dreamy new day bed in the garden in front of our moss draped loquat tree, where I had hung a chandelier, and set out some bedding, cushions and a tea set in keeping with their wedding colours. We had 45 minutes - a luxury on a wedding day - to make some magic as I captured the two of them enjoying their first moments as husband and wife.

They also loved my idea of pulling out one of my Victorian sofas into the garden and although it was earlier than I would usually choose to shoot, the brightness only adds to the fun and happy feel of their images. They were also such fun playing parts for the photos and canoodling together that it made my job just so easy.

Not sure if I have shared any pics of this latest find - I stumbled upon a house sale while I was kicked out of Indigo's swim lesson, and this car was there. I asked if it was for sale, and the woman said $25. I repeated the price incredulously, for I thought they would be asking much more, even though it was totally falling apart. OK, $10 she said. I was stunned. Obviously I am a person who definitely often finds another's trash is my treasure! I simply can't wait to do some kiddie shoots with it, but Matt as my first client in it just made my day! It used to have an engine - or actually it still does - but it used to actually run - amazing toy for someone once, but now equally amazing prop for me and my lucky clients who choose to do a session here at my home studio! And of course had to include my cool vintage suitcase and camera as well to complete the image.

 Just had to share these sneak peeks of these two and gush about all my fabulous props I am slowly collecting! Enjoy xxx

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  1. A really special set of photos - what a lovely memory you have created for this couple! Deirdre


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