Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Brendan...

Jill wanted to give something really special to Brendan for his 30th birthday. She thought long and hard about what to do for months as she knew it had to be really different. Brendan is such a giver and not a taker at all, so she knew she couldn't just wrap up anything ordinary. So Jill decided to wrap up herself! Brendan would be the first to say that he is a simple guy and doesn't need much. In fact, the only thing he asked for for his birthday today is that his friends and family put money towards a collection for World Vision. He plans to donate anything gratefully received towards a child sponsorship, seeds, trees, animals, food, or medicine, for he knows just how far a comparatively small donation will go.

So Jill's gift to Brendan were beautiful photos, for she knew that for someone as special as he is, she needed to come up with something that he would truly appreciate, both in terms of the end product, and indeed all the time and effort that went into the gift. From 13 of her favourite photographs, Jill had a calendar made. But this was not a current one, but one dated from the year that Brendan was born. Last night, Jill took Brendan up to the Lighthouse for dinner and presented him with the 1981 calendar, complete with sweet little notes in different dates saying what special things had happened the year he was born, from his actual birth day to other things that had happened across the world. Suffice to say, he loves the calendar and hopefully when he sees this post, he is going to see how many more beautiful images of his love we captured. I can't wait for Jill to put together a beautiful coffee table book of the photos as well.

As you might have guessed, this series was shot for December. Jill had her makeup professionally done for the two shoots and I have to say it makes all the difference and so very worth it!


How darling is that tattoo at the base of her spine?

I think this one below is one of my faves - she looks stunning and it is so sexy yet also demure at the same time - just gorgeous - if I were Brendan, I would be swooning right now! I posted the black and white version at the top too as love it so much and simply couldn't choose!

After starting indoors at my home studio, we ended up in the garden to capture the last light of the day. I simply adore the honeysuckle wrapping around her. And aren't all my necklaces so fabulous in this sort of shoot. I love boudoir sessions!

I think the whole idea for the calendar was born out of this sweet pair of knickers - aren't they cute?

 The second session was done at the beach. We brought some more fun jewelry along to make the images a little different and the tulle is just so divine.


I think this next image terrified sweet Jill to do but it was so worth it - she looks incredible. She kept telling me on the phone that posing like this was not her style at all and she didn't know what to do and was afraid she would be embarrassed. I reassured her that it was my job to make her comfortable and feel beautiful and I think she ended up even having fun.

Jill - thanks so much for two such fun shoots - I loved that you gave me the trust to be creative and you are utterly beautiful - I hope Brendan has a fabulous birthday today and that these extra photos are the icing on his calendar cake. xxx

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