Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary Boo

Happy anniversary my beloved. I feel so blessed. So blessed that I ever even met you in the first place on that first sweet evening when I refused to let you bet more than 50p and only on dogs that belonged to women or the plump(ish) looking ones. I feel so lucky to have that clear moment in my memory when you first started to speak that night I met you, and I literally swooned (inside), though dared not show it outwardly. I couldn't believe that someone like you even existed, let alone would be interested in me. And then our whirlwind romance, where we were living together after 2 weeks, and engaged after three. And now, eight years later, I still have to pull the car over to ring you to tell you about the wave of love I had just thinking about you. I am thankful every day for all that we share, from our heavenly children who only bring us closer together, when I thought it not possible, to our dreamy home we have together, to the incredible moments we spend together - when it is the two of us alone, as a family, and when we are with friends. I love that I still find nobody as funny, as charming, as intelligent and certainly nobody could ever be as loving with me as you. You fill my cup up until it flows over the brim and fills up the world around us with love love love.

Here are some photos from our wedding that my sister, Amanda, took. We didn't actually have an official photographer, but my sweet sister captured these which we adore. It was film in those days so not the best scans and rather low res, but memories all the same!

So thank you Boo, for being such a delicious, thoughtful, cuddly, noble, fun husband and thank you most of all for being you, and fitting so perfectly with me. I love you xxxx


  1. aww they say time flies when you are having fun, and i cant think of two more lovely or fun people than you two, many happy returns to both of you and your whole gorgeous family

  2. what lovely and heartwarming words. congrats to you both on your anniversary.


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