Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating Jen

This image is of Jen. A mother in her element, with her two beautiful daughters, loving them and them loving her. I took this photo several years ago, and I think my photography has improved in so many ways technically since then, but one thing I already longed to do even back then was try to capture love. And this photo is full of love.

I was witness to the motherly love over flowing from Jen just last week in a way I wish had not been necessary. I listened to Jen as she spoke more eloquently, more powerfully, more inspirationally, and more lovingly than I have heard anyone I know ever speak. She spoke at her beloved husband of fourteen years' funeral. But the amazing thing was, it was not a funeral at all. It was a celebration of JP's amazing life, and Jen, along with their family and dear friends, painted an extraordinarily rich picture of the man they loved in a way that made me weep too many tears.

Jen's love for her children is so intense, and this love she has for them has helped her know that she needs to be so strong for them, and this came through in her heart breaking words. I walked away that day a different person. Of course, I am always thankful. I am always aware of how lucky I am. And when I heard the news of JP's tragic death, I felt agony in my heart for dear Jen and their adorable children and remembered once more, in yet another painful way, how grateful I am for all I am blessed with.

But also, selfishly, I felt a coldness rise in me, for isn't losing the one you love most not the worst fear for every one of us? Yet after Jen spoke, my fear released its icy grip on my heart. Jen showed us that she will survive this, and her children will survive this, for JP is living on with them, and although life is going to be too hard to bear at times and indeed for a long time, their memories of JP, and the JP that lives on in each of them, will help them through it.

Jen blew my mind that day, and not just with her own strength and love that she shared with all of us, but in teaching all of us that we each have so much strength and love in ourselves. So today, I am celebrating Jen, and the incredible mother that she is, and all that she inspires me to be.

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  1. beautiful picture and inspirational story.

  2. What an awesome photograph and an equally wonderful tribute to your Jen. She is a hundred times stronger than I imagine myself ever being if faced with the same situation. Thank you for sharing your photo and story.

  3. this photograph is stunning and what a heartfelt tribute to her and the life she leads.

  4. Quite brilliant Sacha. A wonderful, wonderful essay about an extraordinary and brave woman.

  5. Sacha, you put that so beautifully. Jen is the most wonderful of mothers and an inspiration to us all.

  6. A gorgeous tribute to my gorgeous friend! xxx

  7. the photo is beautiful and the story is so moving. this is my post about losing my baby. it is so hard to live through the pain but God gives hope and others who are courageous and joyful even while grieving are such an encouragement



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