Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pettit Family

The Pettit family were given a family portrait gift certificate so they decided to do one of my favourite combinations of the beach with Warwick Playground, and the different grassy areas between the two is absolutely heaven to shoot in too. They kept saying they were not the model family but I have to say, looking at these pics of them, I beg to differ - love every shot!!

Tristan may not be the best sleeper, since he feels there is so much to explore and to see so why waste time napping, but Sophie and Nick don't mind as he is just the happiest little boy and smiles and laughs all the time.

Tristan loves to babble away and it will be interesting to hear what his first words are since his parents speak both French and English to him - lucky boy being bilingual.

Tristan is eleven months old and growing so quickly. All that hair just is so delicious and apparently he had loads already at birth. So jealous considering ours were bald as buttons for quite some time. There is something about a baby with a full head of hair - makes them seem older than they are. Tristan's toy, Woof Woof, is his first and only stuffed animal that he really cares about and his face lights up when he sees him.

This was Tristan's first time down the big kids' slide and he loved it!

He loves the swing and when his daddy twisted the chain, and then it unwound and spun him around, he arched his body and neck out to get as much out of the g-forces as possible - oh watch out Sophi and Nick - looks like you have an adrenalin junkie on your hands!

As the first child and grand child in the family, Tristan is fully loved up getting load of undivided attention from all of his family and his happiness is just over flowing - such a fun boy!

Thank you all for choosing such a fun location - loved it! xx

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