Friday, November 26, 2010

Meredith and Freya

Meredith is a photographer. Her work work is edgy, original and downright stunning. So when she asked me to photograph her with her darling baby, Freya, I felt the pinch of pressure. I was so worried she would not like the results, or catch me out that I am really a fraud (I am not, of course, but when I am with someone in the same industry, someone who is good - sometimes, I suddenly feel like I am one!). And on top of that, she just wanted a mini session at my house so I didn't even have time and lots of wild backdrops to work with to make the magic. But she came, she trusted, I shot, and I have to say, I am thrilled. It is odd how sometimes, when you know someone well, you do not necessarily see them objectively, or possibly at all (physically that is - I generally notice more what is on the inside than on the outside). I have always thought that Mere was attractive, but as I processed these images, I was bowled over by what an utterly beautiful woman she is - how did I miss this all these years? And then I realised she was not just aesthetically lovely, but it is how she is as a mother that has added to her beauty. As I worked on the images, I stared into her eyes on my screen and really saw her in a new light, and she is indeed a beauty-full woman. Of course it helps to have a baby as darling as Freya attached to her at all times!

When I asked Mere why she wanted to do this shoot, her first answer was obvious - because as a photographer herself, there are never any photos taken of her with Freya so she wanted to capture this heavenly time with just the two of them together. But the second part to her answer surprised me. She said she wanted "some images with that Sacha fairy tale touch". It is interesting to hear how others view your work. I do love all things dreamy, but am flattered and thrilled to hear that feeling comes across in my images. I think with hair like Meredith's, and a smile like Freya's, that fairytale feeling is on hyper drive!

See what I mean about just staring into her eyes...

Love this one of her so thought I would include the black and white, and the colour versions. This baby is just too scrumptious!

Meredith - thank you so much for paying me the ultimate compliment by asking me to photography you both - I am so flattered and thankful - for shooting someone I admire was a challenge and I got through it and am thrilled with the results - hopefully they have sufficient fairytale flair for you! Kisses to you both and next time you are all in Bermuda, let's get Papa Bear in one or two as well!

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