Monday, November 1, 2010

Burnet Family

Brothers Gary, who lives in Bermuda with his family, and Iain, who flew in from Perth with his family, decided it would not be a proper family reunion without their father, Fergus, so he was flown down to the Island from Spain. Fergus was thrilled to be in Bermuda with his only sons, and to see the grand children all together for the first time.

Grandad Fergus was given quite the workout by all his grandchildren as they raced down the beach together. It was a blustery day but still perfect beach weather nonetheless.

Gary, Jayne and their darling daughter, Lara, live in Bermuda and were thrilled to have everyone visiting from so far away. Lara especially loved having her cousins around. It was the first time she had met them and big girl Emma was an expert at entertaining her almost 2 year old baby cousin on the beach for hours. They chose Grape Bay as their shoot location as they go there every Sunday morning for a play date and have spent many a happy sunny days at that beach.

Lara is such a little love bug - and her eyes are just to die for - I felt like I was swimming in that beautiful blueness.

Iain, Donna moved from Scotland to Perth, Australia 12 years ago. They started their family there and are now very happily settled. The family were only in Bermuda for five days as part of their round the world travels, but it was enough to convince Gary and Jayne that they needed to go see their family in Oz as soon as Lara is a bit older.

Emma, Cate and Callum were hilarious and had me in giggles most of the shoot.

Emma is the eldest and is eleven.

Cate is nine and I love loved her pretty hair piece with the feathers.

Callum is five and was very sweet with his little cousin Lara and a real trooper being surrounded only by girls.

These two had me in stitches - so much so that not all of these images are as sharp as I would have liked, but I am coming to terms with the fact that sometimes the emotion captured is more important than technical perfection and as such, I hope enjoy this series as much as I do.

Lara had at first been very distressed to see her beloved hero cousin, Emma, tied up in the vines, but when it came to wrapping up Callum, she thought is was a bit more acceptable.

Luckily, Callum has super hero strength and bust out of the bindings to freedom!

Thank you all for such a fun shoot on such a windy day - so happy you all had a great time all together and may these photos remind you of that holiday for many years to come. xx

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