Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spurling Cousins

These three little tots are not only best of buddies, but better than that, they are cousins. They are all so close in age and their parents decided that there wouldn't be a better gift out there than to have a photo of them all each year to document their sweet little lives and how they grow.

I brought these little chairs along and they are the perfect size. The two outer ones were made for my sister and me when we were babies by our uncle Jerry, and the middle one I found at a house sale and my mother upholstered it and made the tiny pillow - just love them and kids do too - nothing better than just the right size as Goldilocks will tell you!

This little angel is Sienna. I photographed her mummy and daddy's wedding so it is extra fun to see the fruit of their union!

And this is Rocco - isn't that the best name and does it not suit this little boy to a tee - he is all boy to the point of almost being manly - so adorable!

Matthew was always on the move. He is such a busy boy and loves loves his cars and trucks so capturing him on his little vehicle just made sense.

Love this wagon - it is such a great design and just the best toy for all the cousins to play in.

I love this bamboo forest at the Botanical Gardens. Although it was a grey day, I think it just makes the images moody and cool.

And of course the dinosaur tree (I am sure there is an official name - or even a locally known one - this is just what we call it in my family since it is covered in spikes and is so so massive!). Lots of fun, or not, playing peek a boo!

And at the end, a quick shot of all the siblings with their spouses and children!

Sarah, Robbie & Sienna, Jennifer, Rocco, Jennifer and James, Megan, Sydney, Matthew and Stephen - thank you all so much for the shoot and hopefully your mum/mum in law/granny will be thrilled with these captured memories. xxx

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  1. Gramma is absolutely thrilled! My best birthday present EVER.


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