Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snippets of Love

My heart was skipping in my chest while I was shooing this wedding - it was all so beautiful I didn't know where to put my excitement or how I would ever be able to capture it all. And when I was processing the sneak peeks, I was even more over the moon, for the moments captured were too beautiful to be true. I felt a mix of glee and regret, for although it is one of the most lovely weddings I have ever shot, the couple are deeply private and chose not to share their images on my blog. I convinced them of a compromise where I am able to reveal only the beauty without revealing the couple themselves. I think these will give a taste for the day, and leave you imagining just how gorgeous the couple and their wedding day were!

I think this one above can enter my list of fave images ever...


  1. The church shots are PHENOMENAL! Truly amazing Sacha. Yolanda x

  2. I love the unfinished church those shots are amazing... you are really are a photo goddess!!

  3. oh my gosh.. these are stunning. God has given you an amazing gift.. i love these pictures!!

  4. The pictures are simply amazing Sacha!!


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