Sunday, April 25, 2010

Full Day Workshop - Outdoor session with Tara

We were so blessed to have great weather on the day of the full day workshop last Sunday, and even though our outdoor practice session was between 1:30 and 3:30pm (hardly ideal conditions if one was picking the ultimate hour for sun), it really taught the students how to look for the best light in less than perfect situations and proved to them that when shooting in manual, even harsh conditions are surmountable.

I found Tara in Rock Island Coffee. She was quietly minding her own business reading a book when I acosted her to say how striking she was, and would she be interested in being a part of one of my workshops. She was so humble and sweetly said she would think about it so I gave her my details and I imagined that was the end of it. I was thrilled to hear back and even more ecstatic on the day when she was just the best subject in so many ways. She is incredibly striking and therefore a pleasure to photograph, but she was also easy in her own skin and creative in the way she moved, not to mention very open to my suggestions. Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with the way the whole session turned out, from the way she moved, her clothing and the whole package. I can't wait to see what the others captured with their cameras.

Tara had her make up done by Natalia Isaeva, who has launched her new company, Bermuda Makeup Studio. Having recently graduated from a professional makeup artistry school in South Florida, where she received her certificate in multi-media makeup artistry, she is keen to show Bermuda what she can do. These workshops were the perfect forum for her to be creative and I really love what she did with both Tara, and also the model from Saturday's mini workshop.

Couldn't choose between the two versions above so thought I would include both.

Some friends very kindly gave us permission to use their glorious gardens and vignettes around the house. It is the most amazing old Bermuda property, complete with mint julep terrace which I am in love with and it was the perfect setting to both inspire and challenge the group. The fact that the dear mama who lives there is about to burst her baby belly is so ready is just testament to her generosity to allow us all to traipse around her gardens. We were just grateful that the baby held on in utero for I think a spontaneous documentation of child birth may have pushed the limits of even the most daring of the attendees.

I've gone a little nuts posting so many in front of the Spanish Moss (Old Man's Beard), but I just think Tara poses so beautifully that it makes editing down impossible. She was a dream to shoot.

We had Tara do a quick change into something completely different, and of course, to bring out her amazing eyes. I picked up this fabulous birdcage headpiece at an auction in a box of random things. This was definitely the best item in the box and I am thrilled I had a chance to finally use it. And I can't get over the colour of Tara's eyes - what does one call that? Tiger? And my sweater coat only magnifies the intensity of their colour - Tara - you are fabulous.

These may be my favourites. I love the movement in Tara's hair in the top one and that look in her eye, and the swirl of her coat in the two below. Such a great model - I know all the attendees were blown away so thank you thank you.


  1. love the details of this shoot! and love the spanish moss!

  2. Sacha, I dont think you know me but I have heard about your work around the island. These photos are great! You did a fabulous job working in the mid day heat and harsh light conditions and brought out the best in every photo.
    Tara, a personal friend of mine, you look gorgeous. Sacha is right about your eyes, the look crazy beautiful! Tiger eyes...that's a new color name :)


  3. I agree Linds!
    Sacha, you really captured Tara's spirit in these pictures. I felt like 'she' was shining through even more than a video would have portrayed. You both did an amazing job.

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