Friday, April 23, 2010

Full Day workshop - indoor shoot with Olivia

I hosted my second full day workshop last Sunday. The day started of with a bit of a bang, or should I say, with no bang at all since there was a power outage just before I planned to start my slide presentation. After the electricity returned, the rest of the day was smooth sailing. It is amazing how terrified I am leading up to a workshop, but the moment the attendees arrive, it all just unfolds so naturally. This group were so great and made me feel so at ease and were very tolerant of the disastrous fact that there was no slide presentation in the beginning.

Our first model, 5 year old Olivia, arrived with lots of fun outfits and goodies so we all piled into my room to shoot her on my bed. She was such an angel sitting there with so many cameras pointed in her direction. I think she was a little bored at first, but luckily her mum brought out the teeny tiny tea set and Olivia became enthralled in entertaining her sweet dolls. This made it much easier for me to verbalise the technical side of shooting in manual mode and I didn't have to focus too much on getting our lovely model to pose for she was doing fine on her own.

I wanted to mix up the back drop in comparison to my last workshop's indoor session so I used one of my new textiles to frame the Olivia and I think it adds a real old world feel of grandeur. Plus, she has the perfect look for this sort of shoot, and her wreath of flowers upon her head just makes the image complete.

I'm sorry, but is she not just so angelic sitting there pouring tea for her dolls and having her own private tea party? It was great because as soon as she had this activity, it made shooting from any angle in the room so much more interesting for the attendees.

We had Olivia do a quick change out of her gorgeous 1920s dress and into something a little more sassy. And the best bit was she was rewarded for sitting so nicely while everyone mastered their settings by being allowed to have a little fun bouncing and spinning on the bed. And once given the go ahead, her face lit up and she spun and twirled like a star.

Thank you Olivia for being so good to all the attendees at the workshop. You were such a good model and hope you like some of the results.

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