Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lost Lana

If you've been wondering where I've been, my lovely assistant Lana has gone away for 6 weeks! I am lost without her. That added to the fact that it is Easter holidays so Oslo and Indigo are off school / nursery. As you can imagine, two children home all day is not conducive to processing!

But to tide you over, here are a couple fun shots I took of Lana at the wedding I shot a couple weeks back - promise to blog the rest of their pics soon. I was testing out my new macro lens before I did the ring shots. Slightly too shallow a depth of field since I focused on her lashes not her iris, but love the crop!

Isn't Lana just so fabulous - I have gazillions of photos of her in all sorts of different locations and poses where I am testing the light. She is the best. Did  I mention I am lost without her?

Lana, if you are reading, miss you oodles. Hope you are having fun, but hope you come home soon too. xxx

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