Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome Baby Cruz

Gareth and Christine are beyond thrilled to welcome darling little Cruz John Varro to the family. Both big brother Grayson and big sister Capri are ecstatic with their newest roles in the family. Although the family felt complete before Cruz's arrival, now that he is here, it is as if he has always been with them. 

Capri is such a proud big sister, having only known what it was like to be the baby of the family before.

Grayson is a wise little soul and very much living up to his place in the family as the first born and big brother to both Capri and now baby Cruz.

What is in a name? Gareth and Christine spent a lot of time choosing a name for their third child. Whilst they still had a few favourite names picked from Gray's birth, it still took the couple some time to seal the deal on their second son's official name. They loved Cruz as a name when Gray was born, but chose not to use it then because Gray just seemed a better fit for him, and an incredibly long story goes with that! As with each of their children, Christine and Gareth like to see them and get to know them a bit before they are named so Cruz was in the back of their minds, but not a guarantee right away. It took them three weeks to decide. The name John is special to both parents as each of their grandfathers and uncles are named John. Then Varro was inspired by Cruz's Ayurvedic sound "Var". According to Ayurvedic philosophy, each of us has a unique vibrational sound that correlated to the exact time and place of our birth. According to this philosophy, we come into this world hearing this sound and part this life with the same sound. The unique sound affects us on a cellular level and has a direct effect on the body's ability to heal from various disharmonious states of dis'ease. Gareth and Christine have given each of their children a name that corresponds to their unique sound as part of a welcoming and naming ceremony.

They wanted to incorporate stars into this newborn session as a symbol of the "star" names they have given each of their children.

Thank you all for coming to my home to introduce me to sweet little Cruz - he is such a love and I am so happy for you all xxx

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