Friday, July 18, 2014

Blaire & Leyla

Blaire and Leyla are almost four. And I don't mean months - I mean years! I photographed these two love bugs when they were just a couple weeks old back in October 2010! I was so excited about the photos and I am close friends with their mama so I rush processed a few and then they were put on the back burner while I tried to catch up with my other shoots. Well that never seems to happen so on the back burner they stayed! And then the rest of the raw unprocessed photos were backed up and the hard drive was moved off site and I completely forgot about them! Their sweet mama hadn't though! Poor Paula was mortified that she didn't have any photos of her gorgeous twin newborns, but eventually I was able to dig up the rest of them and can finally share. Now that Mama Paula is about to have another baby, we realised it really was time to find the old pics from deep storage and see what was there. So glad I did - these pics are darling as can be. So much love to you all and thanks for your unending patience of three and a half years!



Papa Todd couldn't be there for the whole shoot, but we captured a few with his baby girls before he had to dash off.

Thank you Pauli Cat for being so endlessly patient and forgiving of me and my oversight with the pics and hopefully you will enjoy looking at them now and comparing and contrasting the girls to your sweet baby boy! xxx

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