Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome Baby Austin

Kevin and Angela were happily surprised to find out they would be welcoming another baby boy sixteen months after their son, Blake, was born. They the two boys inevitably play hockey in a few years (being good Canadian boys!), they will have to fight over the number 19!

Kevin and Angela were a little worried about how Blake would react to having to share his parents with someone other than the dog, but he surprised them with his incredible kindness to Austin, often kissing his head, patting his chest, or "booping" his baby brother on the nose. Blake only seems impatient for his baby brother to grow up fast so they can play together. Austin is also smitten with Blake, and much prefers watching the antics of his big brother than to lie down.

Austin is similar to his brother in many ways, but his own man in many others. He wants to be with his mama all the itme, which makes it tricky for Angela to be an equally good mama to her first born, but she loves the bonding time all the same.

Great so see your growing family - so happy for you all! xxx

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